City of Friends

City of Friends is an animated pre-school television show originating from Norway, whose mission is to empower, entertain and educate children around the world in the form of edutainment.


City of Friends provides a positive influence for young children so that moving forward, the next generation is allied, rather than alienated, from the Police, Firemen, EMS and other civic servants whose jobs are to serve all.


We strive to teach children the importance of community, friendship, cooperation, tolerance, problem solving and the understanding of these principles in a multi-cultural and gender-neutral environment.


The television series has been distributed to the majority of countries around the world and has been dubbed into 29 languages.



City of Friends AS


City of Friends AS is a Norwegian based company who manages the brand and operations around the content worldwide. We launched the first tv-episodes in january 2010, and since then we have produced a second season, two long-play special episodes, an Arena Show, several shows for smaller stages, and we have developed an entertaining meet & greet concept. To date we have entertained more than 250 000 kids and parents combined on our ticketed and non ticketed live events in the nordic region, and our goal is to further convey the important core values globally.