Max is so excited!!

Bergen 2017 and the City of Friends signed this week a partnership, unveiling the official mascot for the event. 
The characters of the world famous animated TV-production, City of Friends, will be visible on the stages and on the streets in the Bergen region during the event.  
The partnership with City of Friends will be connected with the children’s program during the event, and the agreement opens up for production and sale of commercial products. 
The Bergen based company is known for their live performances. 
- We are very happy to get the City of Friends on our team. Their concept has a broad appeal, and we are looking forward to meet the characters on streets and stages in the region, during the event. The characters from the City of Friends are known far beyond Norway's borders and many of our foreign guests will be familiar with them, says the president of the Bergen 2017, Harald Tiedemann Hansen. 

- We are proud and delighted to be chosen as mascot for the World Cycling Championships Bergen 2017. City of Friends originates in Bergen, we know the city and know that this event is going to be a great festival. City of Friends wants to be a positive contribution to the festival and ensure that even the youngest children are invited to the party, says CEO of City of Friends, says Svein Andreassen.


2017 UCI Road World Championships Bergen, Norway - Facts 
One of the world’s greatest sports events, which takes place from the 16th -24th of September. During this period there will be 12 competitions, opening ceremony, cultural program and several activities for the spectators, amongst these a mass participation event.  
1150 athletes from more than 80 nations will participate.  500.000 spectators are expected for the event together with 300 million TV-viewers. 

City of Friends - Facts: 

City of Friends is an animated pre-school television show originating from Bergen, Norway, whose mission is to empower, entertain and educate children around the world. 

City of Friends strive to teach children the importance of community, friendship, cooperation, tolerance, problem solving and the understanding of these principles in a multi-cultural and gender-neutral environment. 


City of Friends launched their first YouTube channel in September 2017 and now has 5 channels in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and English. In 2017 City of Friends plans to launch another 24 channels for a total of 29 languages.


Today we have up to 1,000 views per minute, and children worldwide can look forward to a lot of entertaining and educational content from City of Friends in the coming years.